Before you proceed, consider the following:

The material on this site was originally compiled and written in 1984-85. For lack of a better term I will call it a commentary on the Holy Scriptures. It is not your typical evangelical web page, and there is much here that is in opposition to many, if not most, contemporary opinions of religion and the church. You will find no "altar call".

This site is not intended to convert anyone. The strongest advice I can offer anyone who might have an interest, is to read the Holy Scriptures as they would read any other book- from beginning to end. While many people will say that they have read the Scriptures, I have found that very few have read it as a book, or read it in its entirety. Most skip back and forth, here and there, building within their own mind a sense of having read the Scriptures when, inadvertently, they may have ignored many portions.

The Scriptures speak plainly for themselves, but there are many misconceptions concerning the Scriptures. One misconception is that the Bible is the unaltered, literal, inerrant word of God. The Holy Scriptures, in their original texts and manuscripts, are indeed the literal, inerrant word of God. Yet there are passages in both Old Testament and New stating that lies and false doctrines have been added. Another misconception is that the King James Version of the Bible is the only true English translation of the Scriptures. Yet the King James Version is not true to the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic languages in which the earliest and most reliable manuscripts were written. It also contains some passages that did not appear in any manuscripts until the third and fourth centuries. The King James Version is, after all, King James' version. Read the dedication by the translators in the front of the publication.

Having said these things, I say also that the Holy Scriptures still contain the truth. We have Scriptural references to give us guidance in the discernment of truth.

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